Here's a glimpse into the process that creates each unique peace of art.

The PRocess

My husband, Marshall, hand makes every single piece of wood I create on. Knowing that every piece was created by my husband makes it pretty special. The character of the wood always inspires what will be created. Selecting what piece to paint on is my favorite part. Each one tells its own story. 


It's a union, it's a love, a love for each other, a respect for each other's art, and growth. All handmade peaces filled with love and inspiration. All created with one intention in mind, 'May this Piece be Your Peace'.


"We meshed the two together, and now you can't have one without the other."


My husband tells me all the time, "This is like this because that is like that". It's a buddhist proverb on understanding. Because of my inner struggle, I started to paint as an outlet. His release was building and wood-working. We meshed the two and now you can't have one without the other."